Legal consultants in Chennai

Rajendra law office provide best legal consultancy service in India. Visit our office to solve all your legal problems.  Run your business happily without any problem. We face problems on your behalf.

Contact : +91-9994287060 for appointments for consultaion and Litigation services.


Nobody can deny the truth that there are situations where the presence and services of lawyers are Very much essential. Regarding Lawful things, lawyers have the freedom to do what they want to do for their clients. Solicitors strictly follow legal ethics. Professional Ethics of law will make the lawyers to work within the required moral Specifications to make their work most important section of the cultured community.

The most commendable practices of our team of Legal Advisors :


Upholding client privacy and confidentiality.

Client Privacy and confidentiality refers to our Advocate’s principle of nondisclosure of the data concerning our clients to any third party within the absence or without their permission and with none valid reason. it’s the duty of accountable legal counsel to stay the identities of our Clients confidential. This principle is recognized in most legal practices everywhere.This is supposed to shield the interests of the clients.

Legal Advisors in India for Companies are not common. Our Law firm offers Legal Advisory services in India.

Our legal advisors Counsel encourage open communication with our clients and are honest to them concerning their case.

Any case that requires a legal consultant need a two-way correspondence. The Client and the lawyer ought to cooperate to locate a positive answer for determination the Legal issues. Rajendra Law office Legal advisers guides urge their clients to be more transparent about their unsolved problems. This will permit legal advisors to make a cautious assessment of the certainties, and empower them to figure great methodologies to take care of the issue. Great legal advisors are additionally legit to their clients about their Legal problems. They open up on the conceivable outcomes in the most target way, yet avoid letting their clients stick to false trusts.

Honest Advocates Fees for Legal Advisory : 

Sincere and dedicated Lawyers from our law firm follow the professional ethics. We provide clear fees structure for our clients to achieve the solutions for their cases. The transparency in this regard will give a chance for their clients to raise the funds. Rajendra legal advisors are able to give their clients the clear picture about how much it would costs for the case from beginning to the end. If the correct cost is not conveyed then the client may not be prepared to pay the required fees for that particular resolve that legal issue. In most of the situations the clients leave the cases in the middle to hang with out completing the balance part of the resolution. Many of the people will incur heavy loss and withdraw the cases due to lack of budget preparation for fees.

Best Legal consultants regularly update about their case to their clients.

If the improvement in the case is conveyed to their clients, it will make them relaxed and continue the work peacefully. Our Lawyers for legal Advice will keep the clients updated in each and every level of movement which happens in the legal proceedings. The updates of the cases will allow both our law professional and our client to generate innovative ideas to make their case to become a successful one.

Our Legal Advisors Entertain the client’s complaints following the professional ethics.

Our Lawyers are extraordinary brilliant and legal knowledgeable people. They are immune to misinterpret. In few cases, If they are found to be lack of knowledge about the cases, they will take complaints with Dedication and Politeness. Our Wise attorneys do not oppose and repel to the complaints and argue if the clients complains regarding the case movement. OurLegal advisors will educate our client and give the clear picture about the cases to understand. Our senior lawyers deliver legal services for a reasonable fee. We take good care of our clientele to clear all their legal problems.

Our Attorneys in legal Advisory Counsel

Rajendra law office is a legal consultant and a Team of expert Law associates. Our Attorneys in legal advisory counsel work round the clock by understanding that it is a honorary profession.  It will be proud for any lawyer to render their duty in a prestigious law firm at Chennai. We provide expert legal advice for corporate and personal legal concerns as well like Financial issues,  property settlements, immigration, accounting services, Company formation and Issues in Businesses.



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